Ukrainian League of Copyright and Related Rights is an accredited CMO and licenses public performance of related rights (the right to an equitable remuneration, joint for performers and producers of phonograms (videograms), for the public performance of phonograms and recorded performances in them, or public demonstration of videograms and recorded performances in them, published for commercial use).

Our tariffs are structured taking into account needs of different types of businesses. While setting tariffs we try to ensure that royalty paid for playing music in public suits the business and is fair to the music creators.

The main criteria for catering establishments are the number of seats and the average cost of the main course. For sales facilities the main criteria is – area of the facility. The number of decreasing factors is applied for small businesses, networks, those who pay once in quarter/ 6 months/ 12 months, etc.

The tariffs applied by ULCRR are published on the website of the Ministry for development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine on the 31st of July 2019.